We Provide Service From Your Community

If you encounter a problem with our software, we can help you! Remember, your success is our success. We are a local, not a “faceless billing service.” You will not have to worry about outsourced service departments. When you call our office, you will speak with our knowledgeable service department and if your problem requires our further assistance, we have never failed to be at your door upon request.

We Provide Easy to Use Software

The EMS industry acclaims MCA ePCR software as very easy to use. Our, one of a kind, on-site training will allow your staff to access any field within two clicks allowing you to move quickly through pertinent data. To learn more about our software, please visit our MCA ePCR software site.


• MCA ePCR Software is providing user friendly, efficient convenience for a minimal cost, all while improving resources

• Run information available via agency website immediately after synchronization

• Quality assurance, run information & reporting available from any PC with an Internet connection

• No internet connection required for data entry at time of patient care, reducing need for paper documentation and double entry for state submission


You can optimize your agency’s patient care documentation and data submission with MCA ePCR.

• Crew members will complete PCRs faster and more efficaintly than ever before by utlizing MCA ePCR’s user friendly interface which takes advantage of quick pick drop down menues and clear, easy data validation which flags the crew member of agency or state required fields

• Agency QA / QI is easier than ever before through your agencies customer web site. This website can be accessed with a secure login from any PC with an Internet connection to view run sheet PDFs, generate real time statisical reports, track crew member information and manage your custom elements.

• Overall better documentation through built in data validation

• Improve your agencies operations with real time statisical reporting

• State and federal compliancy

• Quicker billing turn around

• No more paper storage

• PCR data security

• Iterface with other NEMSIS compliant software or devices

• Daily PCR submission