NEMSIS (National EMS Information System)

Nationally MCA ePCR. is one of only 70 EMS related software vendors to receive the NEMSIS seal of approval. NEMSIS certification will be the standard needed to export data to a national patient care database. Additionally, NEMSIS creates a universal language that allows any NEMSIS compliant software the ability to communicate with one another. Some software communication examples would be data imports from computer aided dispatch software, imports from digital heart monitor devices, exports to billing software and even exports to ER related software applications. If your state has yet to mandate electronic exports of PCR data, NEMSIS compliancy will be the first requirement of any third party EPCR vendor for state certification.

All development is driven by customer feedback to best meet the needs of the EMS industry.


•Free to MCA clients

•No separate fees for enhancements or updates

•Customer website to track agency specific data such as crew information, vehicle data, generate real time operational reports and an area to view and print archived PCR’s. With a secure password this agency website can be accessed from any PC with an Internet connection

•Data entry validation to ensure completeness and documentation compliancy. PCR’s cannot be transmitted until all field requirements have been completed.

•Agency preferences for any field can be set to prompt users of custom agency required fields.

•Real time reporting

•Run Templates can be accessed at any time for common run types and frequently visited facilites. This feature has limitless applications by allowing any combination of fields and values to be saved as a template and called upon for later use. Just one example would be a template created for a scheduled transport or frequent patient. This template could contain scene pick up location, patients’ current medication, medical history, transport destination, narrative, even the medications administered and procedures performed can be stored in a template. All fields and/or field values within a template can be edited or added to if the situation calls for it. An unlimited amount of templates can be created and stored.

•Data storage and off-site backups

•Handwriting, spell-checking and voice recogntion

•Over 60 drop-down pick lists

•Frequent patient database that will automatically populate personal and demographic data upon entering patients name

•Ability to export data to third party billing software

•Dispatch data import from CAD software into PCR

•QA / QI functionality allows PCR to be exported/imported to networked shared drive or to a single desktop PC for easy access by an agency administrator before submission to state databases and/or your billing company.

•Easy to use tab-based interface allowing users to access one of over 220 fields within 2-3 clicks of a mouse or stylus

•On-site training, tech support, maintenance and software updates are included with MCA ePCR software as a service

•Automatic software updates upon launching MCA ePCR application